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If you have searched for anything porn related on the internet, you will undoubtedly have come across at some point. Why? Because he covers Google’s naughtiest results pages, and now, with, he literally covers everything else (but that’s a whole other article). 

What is

Firstly, you may be wondering why I’m using and That’s because both lead to the same dirty place. Most people probably call him “The Porn Dude,” though. 

The Porn Dude launched in early 2014 and claimed to list only the top-rated adult sites. What was unique at the time was that he did, and still, claims, as he cannot be bribed. If your site is big and good enough, it can be listed there. If not, save your time. 

This, as well as his crude but humorous attitude (probably a shit ton of backlinks, too), landed him on Google’s number one page on thousands of the naughties keywords.

Now, boasts of listing thousands of porn websites and attracts more than 50M monthly hits, meaning he holds the largest and busiest porn list ever. 

What else does offer? 

As you may expect, has expanded and become so much more over time. So, it’s not just porn reviews that he offers. In fact, he has an entire webmaster academy, where he lists and reviews the most helpful platforms for adult webmasters, and he also has PornDudeCasting. Where he fucks a different pornstar every week. 


Whether you’re a viewer looking for the hottest porn list, a webmaster looking for guides, or just horny and curious, this guy has it all. I hate to admit it and take it away from ourselves, but is undoubtedly the largest and most reputable adult directory out there.

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