Skip to main content is a longstanding Pornstar tracking and ranking website. Launched in 2007, Fameregistry has since added more than 5,000 professional pornstars to its database, where they are tracked using actual, statistical data to understand exactly how popular they are.

How accurate are rankings on Fameregistry? is probably the most accurate pornstar ranker out there. Their algorithm uses data from numerous sources to position pornstars based on popularity. Here are some of the places Fameregistry collects its data:

  • Google – Fameregistry uses Google search volume to understand how many people are searching for that specific Pornstar.
  • PornHub – PornHub profiles almost every Pornstar out there. One of the ranking factors that Fameregistry uses is the pornstars PornHub rank.
  • Twitter – Fameregistry checks how famous a Pornstar is on Twitter by tracking their followers.
  • Instagram – In addition to Twitter, Fameregistry also checks Pornstar’s popularity on Instagram.
  • Awards – Using their adult reward tracking system, Fameregistry checks how many industry awards a pornstar has won to help determine their popularity. admits to using other databases to assist with their rankings. However, they won’t share all the ingredients that go into it. One thing is for sure, Fameregistry indeed uses enough to tell us how famous a pornstar is.

What else does Fameregistry offer?

Honestly, not much. Each Pornstar tracked on their database has their profile, which shares lots of fun facts and information such as awards won, where the Pornstar is from, eye color, hair color, weight, sizes, zodiac, DOB, whether they are active or inactive, and much more.


Fameregistry is an excellent site for pornstars and their fans alike. It gives us an excellent insight into how famous specific pornstars are. As well as that, they share a ton of information that is difficult to find elsewhere and, overall, offer something enjoyable and exciting to the industry.

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